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  • Fail Foundry work team: workers and managers
  • FAIL Foundry aerial plant view
  • stainless steel processing stage
  • steel casting process in foundries
  • moulding process: one of the steps in the steelmaking process
  • casting steel and steelmaking machinery

F.A.I.L. Srl – Passion and Quality for over fifty years!

According to the market F.A.I.L guarantees that you are sure to have a job that is carried out perfectly, where there is a combination of acknowledging needs, with an obsessive attention to a high quality finished product.

Over time  F.A.I.L has learned how to design its processes by always putting flexibility at center  stage by gearing towards that part of the market that looks for small to medium sized production batches in a short amount of time and with competitive prices

  • stainless steelmaking computer simulation

    from an Idea to the Finished Product

    3D CAD Autodesk Modeling

  • models for steelmaking

    from an Idea to the Finished Product

    Managing the Models on behalf of the customer

  • steel foundry production systems: sand and resin moulding

    from an Idea to the Finished Product

    creating metal forming

  • steelmaking machineries and procedures

    from an Idea to the Finished Product

    Closing the moulding

  • steel fabrication: automated production systems

    from an Idea to the Finished Product

    Automated production activation

F.A.I.L. has always invested in new technology, by using state of the art equipment that can make our products exceptional and it makes it easier for our specialized personnel to do their job.

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