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casting steel and steelmaking machinery
steel casting in mould
super duplex stainless steel
stainless steel processing stage
moulding process in steel foundry

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Operative Induction Furnace 

steel furnace for heat treatment steel
casting steel in steel foundry
steel furnaces

We make a range of castings with any size and shape

Min 0,5 kg

Max 700 kg

Production is equipped with two distinct production systems:

Sand mould and resin with a manual carousel served by a continuous 20 ton / hour mixer

Moulding flask with sand and resin
with a manual carousel served by a continuous 6 ton / hour mixer.

Total Production potential 700 ton/anno

moulding casting
casting steel in steel melting
steel fabrication: moulding casting
steel casting and moulding process during steel fabrication
moulding casting


F.A.I.L. produces many types of steel:
  • Austentic stainless steel
  • Martensite stainless steel
  • Ferritic stainless steel
  • Duplex and Superduplex
  • Alloys for High Temperatures
  • Nickel Based Alloys
  • Low-alloy steel


The company has three plants where various F.A.I.L departments are located.

  • Welding department with qualified welders WPS UNI EN 287-1:2007
  • Model Warehouse
  • Scarfing/sandblasting department
  • Cutting department
  • Deburring department
  • Heat treatment
  • Shot blasting stainless steel
models warehouse in steel foundry
steel foundry models warehouse
stainless steel processing machinery
steel foundry employee
sandblasting steel
detail of sandblasting steel for alloy steel